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Little Cheflings

India's No. 1 Baking and Cooking classes for kids


Made by SpacePepper Productions for Little Cheflings

Made by Moms. For the kids.

by anjali vohra and bhavna kishan


Little Cheflings is an innovative concept in children`s cooking classes which we have developed to inspire, excite and feed the curiosity of our growing little gourmets.

We are busy moms with a passion for great food, working with children and enhancing the family experience. So it just came natural to us to continue to “teach” in the most comfortable and nourishing place in the home - the kitchen!



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Our Classes will provide young minds with basic cooking skills that inspire self-sufficiency and self-confidence. Our focus is on recipes that are kids oriented and simple yet inspiring, designed to incite their latent cooking skills. Recipes that are from our day to day lives and yet take them away from the basic ‘boring’ stuff that all of us end up making in our homes. Our schedule includes cakes, cookies, chocolates, pizzas, salads, bruschetta, exotic sandwiches and many other things that the kids would love to learn making. Our classes are highly interactive, where the children are encouraged to ‘get their hands dirty’, yet completely safe as handling of those ovens and pans is left entirely to us!!


We organize baking, cooking and food based birthday parties either at our studio or at a location of your choice. We have a wide variety of activities you can choose from.

Our studio can accommodate 12 - 20 children. Alternatively, we can conduct parties at a location of your choice if you require extra space.

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